a month or two

November 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

a number of weeks ago, i treated myself to an amazing book “light of lucia” . it is a book filled with recipes that have been cultivated, cherished and passed down from generation to generation. amidst it’s pages you will find the tale of luciana sampogna and discover her stories and recipes which embody a celebration of italian life, love and food. with photography captured by natasha milner, it really is a remarkable and credible journey. please open the pages and see a little taster of what lies below. you’ll be inspired to gather fresh ingredients from your garden, rub mint into the tenderest of lamb and cook untainted food at its purest.

aside from devouring many a book over the past weeks, an addiction to the most gorgeous coffee and cake haven has been formed. little & friday has me totally smitten. with mouth watering delights from decadent chocolate and raspberry ganache cake, mini baci, gluten free almond and orange cake, hazelnut caramel fudge, lemon and coconut cake with mascarpone cream….there really is too much to choose from. stumble along to melrose street in newmarket for a glimpse and droolworthy experience. for one of their home made donuts dunked in icing sugar and filled with vanilla cream and home made raspberry jam, you’ll definitely have to get through the doors by eleven or they are bound to be sold out (mmm..).

it is because little & friday has vision and creates food that is tantilisingly mouth watering, presented beautifully, all in miniature sizes that there has been inspiration to say no to all the distractions, put some time aside to get in the kitchen and make the below.  using walnuts baked into a caramely goo and encased in the crispest of pastries, you are sure to devour these. just as good hot from the oven as they are when cool. imagine a dollop of vanilla bean icecream on the side….mmmmm.

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